Art Jacobs has found a way to explain the key elements of every competitive sales situation I am involved in. His techniques will allow me cover more ground, in a higher quality manner, and shorten the sales cycles too. - (R.L., Los Angeles)

You asked me questions about my account that I should have asked myself months ago. Your method to quickly test sales campaigns and come up with specific tactics has me approaching my territory in not just a new way, but also a profoundly better way. Filling out CRM “forms” only touches the surface – you’ve taught us how to think, not just send in reports. - (C.L., Phoenix)

Our Goal

To be viewed as the premier worldwide provider of results-oriented advanced sales and sales management training programs.

Our Vision

We believe that companies are looking for individuals who embrace skill development as a joint responsibility; the company’s and theirs.

Our Mission

To make a lasting contribution to the industry by enhancing the personal and business credentials of those involved in the sales profession.

Company Description

The Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC is exclusively engaged in training and consulting that focuses on helping organizations to measurably improve their sales productivity. Using pragmatic field-proven techniques, we teach the sales, sales management, sales support, and marketing teams how to consistently achieve and exceed their bookings, revenue, and profit targets.

The Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC (VCG) works primarily with companies who are engaged in what we call “sophisticated sales campaigns”, i.e., campaigns that:

  • Are often protracted (or can be if not properly managed by the sales team).
  • Represent a potentially significant investment of both pre- and post-sales support resources that may be either expensive, scarce, or both.
  • Require interfacing with the customer at executive, management, and operational levels, often at multiple locations, and internationally.
  • Require accurate and timely forecasting to facilitate sound internal planning and the management of working capital.
  • Are key to introducing new products or capturing critical market share when the windows of opportunity are narrow and unforgiving.
  • May necessitate coordinating or selling through channels, systems integrators, outside consultants, distributors, or selling partners.
  • Represent a significant monetary and even emotional outlay on the part of the client, with whom repeat business at a lower cost of sales is important.
  • Require a “strategic-thinking” mindset and initiative versus just making more product calls, especially when the customer landscape is politically charged or pronounced.

VCG develops, customizes, and implements advanced training programs that represent a process versus an event. VCG programs use “street-wise” concepts that are sophisticated and yet easy to implement. More critically, VCG programs are measurable. We work with management to pre-determine the program goals and objectives, and, the metrics upon which those programs and attendees will be held accountable.

Follow-up sessions are conducted to specifically identify and analyze the extent, depth, and adoption of the process in field implementation. VCG will then generate an executive report detailing the return on investment and what was accomplished in terms of installing a repeatable, predictable process, and, closing business.

VCG has extensive international experience in the following markets and / or industries:

  • Telecommunications & Satellite
  • Electronic Design Automation
  • Semiconductor & Electrical Components
  • Computer Systems, Software, & Services
  • Aerospace, Government, & Defense
  • Consulting, Financial, & Professional Services
  • Health Care, Medical Instruments, & Pharmaceuticals

VCG also differentiates itself by using the participants' actual sales situations as opposed to hypothetical scenarios and predictable case studies. People learn best when they are focusing on the real-life issues they must contend with after the program, not generic stories. During the program, attendees construct specific sales implementation and close plans that management can then immediately coach to, monitor in the field, track results, and measure productivity improvements.