Art Jacobs has found a way to explain the key elements of every competitive sales situation I am involved in. His techniques will allow me cover more ground, in a higher quality manner, and shorten the sales cycles too. - (R.L., Los Angeles)

You asked me questions about my account that I should have asked myself months ago. Your method to quickly test sales campaigns and come up with specific tactics has me approaching my territory in not just a new way, but also a profoundly better way. Filling out CRM “forms” only touches the surface – you’ve taught us how to think, not just send in reports. - (C.L., Phoenix)

Our Goal

To be viewed as the premier worldwide provider of results-oriented advanced sales and sales management training programs.

Our Vision

We believe that companies are looking for individuals who embrace skill development as a joint responsibility; the company’s and theirs.

Our Mission

To make a lasting contribution to the industry by enhancing the personal and business credentials of those involved in the sales profession.

Client Engagement - How We Operate

Located in North America, Europe, and Asia, Valkyrie Consulting has prided itself on building its reputation not just as a training company, but as a sales results company - that happens to use advanced, yet pragmatic training as the primary vehicle to helping its clients achieve their sales goals and objectives. We have never wanted to be big, just good.

We have taken the very sophisticated and challenging topics of strategy, politics, and competitive counter-analysis, and developed a methodology that shows salespeople and sales managers how to create simple and yet incisive plans that:

  • significantly shorten sales cycles
  • increase hit / close rates
  • increase average order sizes
  • reduce cost of sales and resource expenditures
  • improve margins and profitability
  • extend the capacity of salespeople and sales managers
  • increase forecast accuracy
  • help salespeople achieve and exceed their quota

There are three core programs in the Valkyrie product suite:

  • STRATEGY, The Art of Winning™
  • MANAGEMENT, Coaching Results™
  • EXECUTION, Field Control Audits™

Depending upon the rank, responsibility, and objectives of the participants, all three programs are tailored to reflect our clients’ marketplace, customers, competitors, products, and culture.

Whether it’s discrete opportunity management, account management, global accounts, vertical markets, product lines, selling through channels, or implementing overall corporate go-to-market strategies, Valkyrie Management has the experience and expertise to ensure that:

  • measurable results are achieved
  • the process gets implemented and gets used
  • sale management can more effectively coach and develop their people
  • there is a documented ROI

The Valkyrie Consultant - Who We Are

Our professionals are good at training, but training is not their primary background. Our people are all former executives who have been salespeople, sales managers, and vice presidents of sales and / or marketing. Their history is one of consistently out-performing their contemporaries while on quota or P & L. They have conducted STRATEGY programs all over the world.  They have collected, used, taught, and successfully implemented sales best practices. Their compensation is less a function of revenue or profit; and more closely tied to successfully installing the STRATEGY process that the customer says was not only successful, but exceeded expectations.

Getting Started - The Best Way to Begin

Rather than recommending a costly and time-consuming “sheep-dip” of the entire sales force, our first step is typically a judicious pilot with a very select audience. Attending that STRATEGY pilot program are top-performing salespeople, competent sales managers, and critical sales support, marketing, business development, and sales operations personnel. The salespeople (usually half of the twenty people in the pilot) bring current and important sales opportunities with them. Those become the case studies and the effectiveness measurement vehicle for the program.