Art Jacobs has found a way to explain the key elements of every competitive sales situation I am involved in. His techniques will allow me cover more ground, in a higher quality manner, and shorten the sales cycles too. - (R.L., Los Angeles)

You asked me questions about my account that I should have asked myself months ago. Your method to quickly test sales campaigns and come up with specific tactics has me approaching my territory in not just a new way, but also a profoundly better way. Filling out CRM “forms” only touches the surface – you’ve taught us how to think, not just send in reports. - (C.L., Phoenix)

Our Goal

To be viewed as the premier worldwide provider of results-oriented advanced sales and sales management training programs.

Our Vision

We believe that companies are looking for individuals who embrace skill development as a joint responsibility; the company’s and theirs.

Our Mission

To make a lasting contribution to the industry by enhancing the personal and business credentials of those involved in the sales profession.

Updates on What’s Been Happening in Our World

15 September 2011 - Valkyrie Consulting is proud to announce that Mr. Frank Childers, the CEO of Trelogos Management in Austin, Texas, a Distributor for Valkyrie, has taken an equity position in Valkyrie. Frank brings a wealth of experience to the organization and will be a key element in shaping the long-range strategy of the company.

15 July 2011: Trelogos Lands MarkLogic - Trelogos Management, one of Valkyrie's Distributors for North America, announced today that a contract for services has been signed with MarkLogic Corporation of San Carlos, California. Mr. Ken Bado, the CEO of MarkLogic, is the former EVP of Worldwide Sales for Autodesk (a Trelogos-Valkyrie joint client). Both Mr. Bado and Mr. Childers, the CEO of Trelogos, were key sales executives at Mentor Graphics, and were clients of Mr. Art Jacobs, the CEO of Valkyrie, when he was the President of Target Marketing Systems of Atlanta, Georgia.

20 April 2011: Alcuin Lands Fujitsu - Alcuin International, Valkyrie's distributor for the Asia-Pacific Region announced today that they will begin implementing a series of STRATEGY programs for Fujitsu.

10 November 2010: LANDesk - Valkyrie Consulting has completed a series of STRATEGY, The Art of Winning advanced sales training programs for LANDesk, a Utah based software company. Those programs were held in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing.

15 October 2010: Trelogos & Autodesk - Trelogos Management, a NA distributor for Valkyrie announced today that they will begin a consulting project with Autodesk

15 September 2010: Valkyrie & Cisco - It was announced today that Valkyrie Consulting will begin a series of consulting engagements and STRATEGY programs with Cisco.

24 March 2009: Solutions & More - It was announced today that Solutions & More, headquartered in Munich, Germany, has joined the Valkyrie Distributor network. The Principal, Janto Oellrich, has over 20 years of experience in international strategic account sales and sales management in the semi-conductor industry, holding key positions with AMD, ACTEL, and Hitachi in that span. Janto holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg. In addition to running his own training and coaching business at Solutions & More for the past eight years, Janto has worked as a successful contract trainer for Metalog. Solutions & More and Valkyrie will be working together to penetrate and serve the vast potential in the EMEA market. 

14 January 2009: Trelogos Management, Incorporated - It was announced today that Trelogos Management, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has joined the Valkyrie Distributor network. The Principal, Frank Childers, has spent almost 30 years in the high technology sales arena, the past 15 of which were in a senior executive capacity. Frank is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy where he received a B.S. in Political Science & International Studies. He also holds an M.B.A. from the University of Northern Colorado. Frank began his sales career with the McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, spent many years in the CAD/CAM - EDA marketplace, and more recently served as the VP of Sales, VP of Worldwide Operations, and EVP in the semi-conductor, silicon, and enterprise software markets.

15 September 2008: The Ukraine - Art Jacobs, the CEO and Founder of the Valkyrie Consulting Group, will depart for Kiev and Sevastopol in the Ukraine on Friday, 26 September on a charity mission. Art and a team of men will be representing Hope House International. They will there to build a modest home for a young Ukrainian couple who want to adopt three children from a local orphanage but do not have the room in their very small Soviet-era apartment. This will be the second trip that Art has made, having gone in 2007 to build a home for another couple who, we are happy to report, have successfully adopted children from the same orphanage. Given the abysmal statistics (crime, jail, prostitution, homelessness, and suicide) of the orphans turned out onto the streets at 16 from these state run institutions, Hope House International (a non-profit charity with no paid staffers) is making a small but meaningful dent in this awful tragedy. The successes to date about the lives that have been changed have been heart-warming and inspiring; one of the first children adopted six years ago, has just arrived in the U.S. for her first semester of college.

9 September 2008: SAP America - Valkyrie Consulting Group’s first “STRATEGY, The Art of Winning”™ advanced sales training program for SAP in North America kicked off today for the Financial Services Group in Atlanta, Georgia. In large measure, SAP has taken this step as a result of the documented STRATEGY success that SAP has achieved in Asia. SAP has also signed up for the “MANAGEMENT, Coaching Results”™ which will take place when the STRATEGY programs have been completed.

28 August 2008: Ranger Program – Leading Concepts, the Valkyrie Business Alliance in Lexington, Kentucky, will be running two leadership courses in October (9-12 & 23-26). Leading Concepts focuses on three fundamental skills for companies today that are looking to develop their key people; Teamwork, Leadership, & Communications. If you or your people are looking for a challenging, exciting, and phenomenally effective way to improve how your key people operate, then please check out the Leading Concepts web site:

22 August 2008: Alcuin International – Key meetings were held this week in Sydney, Australia between the senior executives of Alcuin International and Valkyrie Consulting to not only discuss the successful and ongoing Asia-wide implementation of the “STRATEGY, The Art of Winning”™ program for SAP and Oracle, but Alcuin’s expansion into China (Taipei, Hong Kong, & Shanghai) and Japan.