Art Jacobs has found a way to explain the key elements of every competitive sales situation I am involved in. His techniques will allow me cover more ground, in a higher quality manner, and shorten the sales cycles too. - (R.L., Los Angeles)

You asked me questions about my account that I should have asked myself months ago. Your method to quickly test sales campaigns and come up with specific tactics has me approaching my territory in not just a new way, but also a profoundly better way. Filling out CRM “forms” only touches the surface – you’ve taught us how to think, not just send in reports. - (C.L., Phoenix)

Our Goal

To be viewed as the premier worldwide provider of results-oriented advanced sales and sales management training programs.

Our Vision

We believe that companies are looking for individuals who embrace skill development as a joint responsibility; the company’s and theirs.

Our Mission

To make a lasting contribution to the industry by enhancing the personal and business credentials of those involved in the sales profession.

Tracking Results - The Bottom Line

Our philosophy is that it is our obligation to be judged against actual results. We want to be held accountable for helping customers improve the bottom line through their sales force. We want to be attached to the sales campaigns built during our programs.

Using the BATTLEPLAN software tool, discrete sales campaigns or opportunities are constructed and tested in our programs. Then, working with the appropriate salespeople and sales managers, Valkyrie Consulting then tracks the results of those campaigns all the way to the close, or fruition. That tracking usually involves helping the salespeople generate and test a number of iterations of the BATTLEPLAN until the deal closes in the win column.

Based upon the feedback and results from each program, a determination is made on how to best proceed in terms of how future training programs should be adjusted and implemented to maximize impact and results.

If you have felt that too many previous training programs have “come and gone” over the years, and, you are looking for a pragmatic process that the sales force will not only embrace, but generate real results from, then we have the ingredients for the right kind of sales productivity partnership.