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Why CRM Initiatives Fall Short

How Do Things Go Wrong With the Sales Force?


The CRM revolution these past few years has had a profound impact on companies striving to better compete in the marketplace. A whole host of software companies, both large and small, have launched their CRM offerings and touted their advantages and efficiencies. Their presentations have been compelling, and who could dismiss the arguments about the stated needs and the commensurate outcomes and benefits they claim? CRM is critical. CRM is essential. CRM is necessary. And, we wholeheartedly agree!

If you are the Vice President of Sales or Marketing, the CIO, the CSO, or the CFO, CRM may be the latest 800 lb. gorilla in the room:

-    You have been grappling with how to get everyone on the same page when it comes to managing accounts and discrete sales campaigns.
-    You would like to make the salespeople more efficient and effective when it comes to recording and recalling important sales data, scheduling sales calls, and even smoothing out order entry.
-    You would like other critical sales support functions and departments to be a better and timelier resource to help advance campaigns.
-    You would like to have a better way to instantly see what’s in the sales pipeline and what the prospects are that those deals will get closed.

No one doubts or questions the need to have better sales information, or that a CRM system can contribute to those things.

CRM is definitely the future, but how is it doing in the present?  Why has it fallen short of expectations in so many companies? Months were spent in the evaluation of the concept and the vendors, competent evaluators looked at all the alternatives, almost everyone agreed on the importance and need, significant sums of money were and continue to be spent, and many months have been dedicated to the training and implementation of this so-called miracle process.

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