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Field Sales Execution

Implementing An Effective Sales Process

The purpose of this article is to provide companies with an outline on the best practices we have observed over the years when it comes to implementing a field sales process. Before we begin, it may be useful to precisely define what we mean by system, methodology, process, and execution:

1.    System – A system is nothing more than the tools used in aiding the sales organization in capturing, storing, and retrieving critical sales information, whether that be a set of printed forms or documents, forms or documents in electronic software, or, an entire CRM system.

2.    Methodology – A set of selling concepts, skills, and techniques that the sales organization uses or subscribes to as their way of engaging the customer / market and defeating the competition. Methodologies are usually provided or delivered in the form of training, or a training program. Those training programs are usually developed inside the organization or purchased from outside companies.

3.    Process – Companies do not possess a true process, or, for the purposes of this article, a true “sales process” until they have successfully combined both a System and a Methodology, and defined and communicated how it will be implemented, i.e., the execution.

4.    Execution – The dictionary defines execution as the carrying out of a usually precise action, instruction, command, plan, process, or movement. Execution also refers to the style or manner in which something is carried out or accomplished.

Of course, there are a few other factors to consider, and those must be properly coordinated and woven together; the quality of the sales management team, the senior management commitment, the resources behind the effort, the company’s culture, who will be held accountable, how they will be held accountable, how the results will be measured and tied to the company goals and objectives, and, even the company’s compensation plan as it relates to sales force incentives and reinforcement.

We shall restrict ourselves in this article however, to looking at ten pretty simple and common sense guidelines for implementing a process, and three classic pitfalls that we have seen plague those efforts.

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