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Training Didn't Go So Well?

How to Assess Your Vendor

So, you went and bought a sales training program from a vendor that seemed to say all the right words, especially all the fancy learning and compliance terminology the HR Department really likes to hear. They may even have tied their training methodology to a slick piece of software or CRM tool. Then the classroom sessions seemed to go pretty well because the evaluation sheets turned in by the students had lots of smiley faces on them. However, now that a little time has gone by, and the vendor invoices have all been paid, not as many salespeople seem to be using the concepts taught in the program as you thought there would be, and, even more importantly, the results you had hoped for, perhaps even promised by the vendor, have just not materialized.

Sound familiar? Not only does this scenario pretty well describe what you’ve just experienced, there are a whole group of folks in your company who recall the two or even three previous sales training programs the company purchased and invested in over the last five or ten years.

Look, we know you had capable, diligent people who made that decision. You spent a significant amount of money for the sales training program. All those salespeople and their managers came out of the field (and away from the customers). And, perhaps even a good number of people from the support and headquarters staff attended as well. Your salespeople are highly motivated, and yet – the results have been mediocre at best, an expensive disappointment at worst.

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