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What’s In It For Me?

Getting Salespeople On Board

Let's face it, one of the most important and most expensive assets / cost centers you have are your salespeople. Not only are they responsible for generating revenue, but they are your walking advertisements - a live billboard for what you have labored over and believe to be your marketing strategy and public image. 

You have come up with many powerful messages you want your field sales organization to be broadcasting and representing. You have come up with many internal initiatives and mechanisms that require the salesperson's buy-in and compliance. You have carefully thought about the training they need and the heavy committment necessary to have all those messages, initiatives, mechanisms, and training to ensure success. But what if you don't get their buy-in? What if they don't see or understand the value or purpose of what you'd like them to do? What if they disagree with that value or purpose?

What's In It For Me? 

Although they may not say it in so many words, almost all the high-performing salespeople we have ever worked with usually have at least one eyebrow raised when any announcement is made from the home office about "this miracle thing" - this miracle system, process, tool, or initiative that's going to vastly improve their life and make everybody rich and happy.

This article describes the challenges involved in getting that all-important buy-in from the field. More importantly, it outlines how many salespeople think and react to all the corporate requests for their time and attention, and then goes on to provide a checklist to ensure that you can obtain sales buy-in.

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