As a Support Manager, I really didn’t see the value in coming to a four-day program on selling. I came away realizing not only how critical the sales function is, but the critical part I play. My entire team will be on the next course. - (A.M., Boston)

Previous training programs we have paid for always faded and fell into disuse rather quickly. You told us that using EXECUTION days to follow and reinforce the STRATEGY program would ensure not just a greater adoption rate, but keep the skill retention level high. We were skeptical, you persisted, and now we’re believers. Thank you for telling us what we needed to hear, and telling us what to do! - (A.G., Sao Paolo)

Valkyrie Partners:

Distributors & Business Alliances

In order to adequately cover our enterprise clients worldwide, and, recognizing that there are other companies whose products and services complement ours, Valkyrie has identified a select number of organizations to align itself with in the market. These are companies who not only have a reputation for uncompromising quality and service, but whose track records are well established. These companies have been consistently providing value to both their clients and to Valkyrie.


These are companies who have been rigorously certified to both sell and deliver the Valkyrie product suite. Distributors initiate sales campaigns, manage their own accounts and markets, and sell and deliver their own products and services as well. For worldwide implementations, Valkyrie and all the Distributors represent a depth of resource and local expertise to handle any size client. Our Distributors have the same philosophy of excellence when it comes to training professionalism.

Business Alliances

These are companies whose products, services, and expertise serve as an adjunct to the Valkyrie go to market strategy. Not every customer need or request can be addressed by what we do best. We would rather be known for providing the best business advice to our clients, even if that means recommending someone else’s products and services.