This is the third company in twelve years where Art Jacobs has come in to do the training. One of the key reasons I joined was that the company was serious about adopting the best field process. - (P.C., London)

It’s not enough just to communicate more efficiently with common terms – you can achieve that from almost any training. We needed to be able to communicate more effectively with a precise language that gets us thinking critically about what it’s really going to take to win our campaigns. The STRATEGY program is just what we needed – I’ve seen nothing as powerful in all my career. - (T. R., Baltimore)

BATTLEPLAN, Opportunity Management

We have two versions of the software tool called BATTLEPLAN: 1) A single-user Excel version, and, 2) A web-based version. Both of those come in two varieties: A) Generic, and, B) Custom. The BATTLEPLAN tool ties together the concepts used in the STRATEGY program. The BATTLEPLAN captures the essential data that should be gathered and analyzed during a discrete sales campaign. The BATTLEPLAN is not just a profile, or a repository for information. The BATTLEPLAN shows salespeople how to turn mere account information into “actionable intelligence” in order to win deals. The BATTLEPLAN can easily be attached to any CRM system.

Rather than merely tracking historical activity or sales calls, the BATTLEPLAN enables the salesperson to proactively determine what specific, high-gain tactics should be implemented in order to advance the sales campaign. Additionally, the BATTLEPLAN provides sales management with an incisive tool to understand not just the strengths and weaknesses of the sales campaign, but where they need to be spending their time in coaching their salespeople on a situation-by-situation basis.

Some of the Imbedded BATTLEPLAN Documents (Pages) for the Salesperson & Sales Manager to Choose From (Generic or Custom):

  • CCP - Customer’s Corporate Profile
  • SCS - Sales Campaign Summary
  • DNA - Strategic Selling Sales Model
  • SOS - Strategic Opportunity Schedule
  • SOP - Strategic Opportunity Plan
  • TAW - Target Acquisition Worksheet
  • CPM - Customer Political Map
  • SDA - Strategic Decision Analysis
  • SDP - Strategic Decision Process
  • CCA - Competitive Counter-Analysis
  • SST - Strategic Sales Tactics

Some of the Imbedded BATTLEPLAN Documents (Pages) for the Sales Manager to Choose From (Generic or Custom):

  • PFR - Pipeline / Forecast Report
  • WLR - Win / Loss Report
  • EBP - Executive Background Profile
  • SCP - Strategic Call Plan
  • SAR – Strategic Account Review
  • IDP – Individual Development Plan

Adoption and Field Integration:
The BATTLEPLAN and the documents above are standard to the STRATEGY selling process. Under a Derivative Works Agreement, we will work with our clients to customize the BATTLEPLAN tool to their industry, company, and culture, to include specific language, terminology, vernacular, fields, and steps and procedures unique to that industry or company, or to their sales campaigns.