This is the third company in twelve years where Art Jacobs has come in to do the training. One of the key reasons I joined was that the company was serious about adopting the best field process. - (P.C., London)

It’s not enough just to communicate more efficiently with common terms – you can achieve that from almost any training. We needed to be able to communicate more effectively with a precise language that gets us thinking critically about what it’s really going to take to win our campaigns. The STRATEGY program is just what we needed – I’ve seen nothing as powerful in all my career. - (T. R., Baltimore)

EXECUTIVE, C-Level Campaigns

(2 or 3 days) – EXECUTIVE teaches the proficient STRATEGY participant how to take their professional game to the next level. It reinforces the concepts from STRATEGY, but uses those same topics as a foundation to discuss advanced business and political issues. Specific plan enhancements are then incorporated, especially those relating to gaining access to, establishing credibility with, and closing ranks with, executives in the customer’s inner circle.


  • STRATEGY – Review topics covered in the previous training program and follow-up.
  • Business Value – Defining quantifiable business outcomes at the correct C-level.
  • Compelling Mechanisms – Understanding how to act as a catalyst in campaigns.
  • Business Goals & Objectives – Connecting our plans to the executive’s performance.
  • Personal & Political Agendas – Aligning our efforts with ethical win-win scenarios.
  • Account Plans – Positioning discrete sales campaigns into their larger context.
  • Testing – Understanding in advance where the plan may fail and making corrections.
  • Field Execution – Knowing how to implement to insure skill retention and real results.

A distinct and defined subset of those individuals who attended the STRATEGY program go to EXECUTIVE. Anyone who hasn’t been able to demonstrate their proficiency and success from STRATEGY should probably not be invited to EXECUTIVE.

Participants who know how to:

  • Take sales plans to an even higher level in terms of congruency and incisiveness.
  • Create advanced tactics to articulate business value at the executive level.
  • Engender deeper and longer-lasting revenue streams within the client base.
  • Motivate themselves with regard to responsibility and accountability for results.
  • Position themselves to take on more important duties in the field sales organization.
  • Drive a sustainable and repeatable field process with measurable results.