This is the third company in twelve years where Art Jacobs has come in to do the training. One of the key reasons I joined was that the company was serious about adopting the best field process. - (P.C., London)

It’s not enough just to communicate more efficiently with common terms – you can achieve that from almost any training. We needed to be able to communicate more effectively with a precise language that gets us thinking critically about what it’s really going to take to win our campaigns. The STRATEGY program is just what we needed – I’ve seen nothing as powerful in all my career. - (T. R., Baltimore)

LEADERSHIP, Managing Teams


(Days TBD) – How many times have you seen projects, initiatives, strategies, product releases, and events delayed, go over budget, and even derailed because of poor communication, unanticipated or unforeseen problems, or even a lack of leadership? How many times have you, as a leader, been convinced that your memo, email, communication, or orders were crystal clear, and yet people had different interpretations and strode off in tangent directions accordingly, while others got confused and sometimes progress ground to a halt in the ensuing debate over what to do or how to do it?

Well, these issues probably bedevil most organizations to some extent. And sometimes the bigger you grow, the more you see them.  Other companies have their very growth stymied or hamstrung when projects or communications go awry.

Valkyrie Consulting has teamed with Leading Concepts, one of our Business Alliances, who are experts at teaching people about “Teamwork, Leadership, & Communications” and how those three topics are both intertwined and inescapable if you want your organization to function smoothly, accomplish its mission, and grow.

Leading Concepts has taken a very unique approach to teaching people how to really understand how TLC works and how to improve results. The Leading Concepts staff has derived the principles of TLC from where they have been proven and perfected in the most intense, pressure-packed, and unforgiving environment possible – the principles taught in the U.S. Army Ranger School. Those principles, first established by Rogers’ Rangers in our Revolutionary War, and modernized and refined all the way up to the present world, have been successfully adapted to the business world today by Leading Concepts.

If you or your team are up to attending one of the most challenging and rewarding programs of this type in the market, you can contact Leading Concepts using the link below, or go to the Partners tab on this web site.