This is the third company in twelve years where Art Jacobs has come in to do the training. One of the key reasons I joined was that the company was serious about adopting the best field process. - (P.C., London)

It’s not enough just to communicate more efficiently with common terms – you can achieve that from almost any training. We needed to be able to communicate more effectively with a precise language that gets us thinking critically about what it’s really going to take to win our campaigns. The STRATEGY program is just what we needed – I’ve seen nothing as powerful in all my career. - (T. R., Baltimore)

MANAGEMENT, Coaching Results

(2 days) – MANAGEMENT teaches both new and experienced sales managers and marketing managers to successfully coach their subordinates with regard to the use and implementation of the concepts embodied in the STRATEGY and EXECUTIVE sales programs. MANAGEMENT operates on a very simple principle: Salespeople are responsible for developing accounts and sales managers are responsible for developing people. The people attending this program are charged with insuring that the company’s sales process does indeed get properly executed in the field.

  • The Sales Management Model – Who will be successful in selling and who will not.
  • Sales Coaching – Effective, pragmatic techniques to add value to sales campaigns.
  • Sales Development – Moving salespeople from Level I to Level II & III behavior.
  • Field Execution – Knowing how to implement to insure skill retention and real results.
  • Sales Control – Insuring tasks are completed and measured in the proper manner.
  • Management Planning – How to scale & leverage while sustaining controlled growth.

Experienced and new managers from the sales, sales support, business development and marketing functions, as well as the executives involved in or responsible for the sales process and the accomplishment of specific business targets.

Sales managers who know how to:

  • Add value and advance critical sales campaigns.
  • Increase sales forecast accuracy and hit rates.
  • Accurately evaluate the skills of their salespeople.
  • Coach and develop their team to the next level.
  • Properly plan for the growth of their business unit.
  • Implement a sustainable and repeatable process.
  • Increase repeat business at a lower cost of sales.
  • Drive up both revenue & margins in their markets.
  • Develop their replacements against a set of standards.