This is the third company in twelve years where Art Jacobs has come in to do the training. One of the key reasons I joined was that the company was serious about adopting the best field process. - (P.C., London)

It’s not enough just to communicate more efficiently with common terms – you can achieve that from almost any training. We needed to be able to communicate more effectively with a precise language that gets us thinking critically about what it’s really going to take to win our campaigns. The STRATEGY program is just what we needed – I’ve seen nothing as powerful in all my career. - (T. R., Baltimore)

STRATEGY, The Art of Winning

(3 or 4 days) – STRATEGY is the new “best practice” for advanced sales training. It teaches people how to think and operate on a strategic versus tactical plane with regard to how they organize, plan, and execute. The program actually uses live sales campaigns that the participants bring to class as the vehicle for instruction. We track the results, following each campaign to fruition. We expect to be measured on incremental results. Contrary to the tactical assumption that the program is three or four days “out of the field” and away from accounts, it is actually three or four days focusing on the most important field accounts, and how to win them! Our clients have consistently reported that the three or four days in class have easily saved more than three or four weeks in almost every single sales campaign.


  • DNA Model – Outlining the underlying components to every single sales campaign.
  • Strategy – Understanding the classes and types of strategy and when to use them.
  • Target Acquisition – Qualifying opportunities using a proven and pragmatic checklist.
  • Politics – Understanding power and influence and then aligning yourself accordingly.
  • Planning – Compiling, communicating, and acting upon the critical sales information.
  • Competitive Counter-Analysis – Anticipating and preparing for the competitor’s plan.
  • Testing – Understanding in advance where the plan may fail and making corrections.
  • Field Execution – Knowing how to implement to ensure skill retention and real results.


Experienced salespeople, sales managers, sales support, and individuals who must interface with the customer - marketing, business development, and the executives involved in or responsible for the sales process and the accomplishment of specific business targets.


  • Coherent, specific, and comprehensive sales plans with close-date tactics identified.
  • Strategic and political capability - understanding when, how, and with what to fight.
  • Accurate forecasts, improved margins, and significantly collapsed sales cycles.
  • Articulated business value at customer executive levels versus mere technical expertise.
  • Increased account penetration resulting in repeat business at a lower cost of sales.
  • Incisive language with which to communicate and quickly test plans internally.