Every salesperson who wants to know how to still beat the numbers in a poor economy should take Art’s class. I have said that selling is my profession; now I know how to succeed and have fun doing it. - (D.B., Sydney)

The MANAGEMENT program gave all my direct reports a template to not only make our sales forecasts more accurate, but also a way to coach the salespeople to a higher proficiency level. Fantastic program - best one I’ve seen for sales managers. - (M.S., Rome)

Why CRM Initiatives Fall Short

Would you like to know the unwitting but inherent problems imbedded in every CRM system? This article details the top eight inhibitors that, unless you plan for them, will result in resistance from the users, frustrations for the implementers, and disappointment and poor ROI for the company. The article also offers however, best-practice solutions to overcoming the CRM inhibitors.

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Training Didn't Go So Well?

Have you ever purchased a sales training program, spent lots of time and resources, took everyone out of the field, and yet didn’t see the spike in productivity or revenue that you were promised? This article, based upon 25 years of analyzing what can so often go wrong, will show you how to select a vendor that will not only deliver, but stay the course, practice what they preach, and exceed your expectations.

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Field Sales Execution

A Japanese proverb says that vision without action is a daydream, but that action without vision is a nightmare. Plans and strategies are fine for improving your sales force, but making sure that the execution takes place with meaningful and high-gain tactics is another science altogether. This articles walks through the principles and checklists you will need to make sure that things stay on track and the finish line is crossed.

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What’s In It For Me?

The best salespeople are a unique blend of “tangible and logical” capability, and “positive but emotional” personality. This article details what each company should factor into any project or initiative that involves, has an impact upon, or must be embraced by salespeople. By “turning the binoculars around” and looking at your plans from the salesperson’s point of view, you can tap into and harness their powerful talents.

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